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The benefits of fertilizing your trees


Many people will take the time to fertilize their flowers and plants and even their grass without giving a second thought to their trees. Although trees seem to survive just fine on their own with only a bit of water to start out, they too will benefit from fertilzing to help them stay healthy and promote vigorous growth. Just like the benefits your plants and grass get from fertilizing, trees can also use the boost in nutrients to support growth, promote lush full green leaves and encourage strong root development and overall health.

The Key components to fertilizer are N-P-K

N is for nitrogen which is responsible for several factors including proper & full leaf growth and color. It also aids in photosynthesis and contributes to overall growth.

P is for Phosphorus which also contributes to photosynthesis but also aids in root development.

K is for Potassium which is important to building proteins in the tree, aids in more photosynthesis and helps with disease resistance and prevention.




In our Prairietime Trees Premium mix we have a N-P-K of 17-16-17 which provides more than enough of the essential nutrients that both large and small trees need. It provides for full lush growth and vibrant colors along with nutrients to build a strong root system to keep the tree growing and maintain good health and disease resistance thoughout the growing season.


When and how to apply fertilizer  

The best times to apply fertilizer to your trees is early Spring and in late fall after the trees have gone dormant. They can also benefit from another fertilizing in early Summer if proper amounts of moisture are present or provided during the hot Summer months to reduce stress that drought may bring on. It is not recommended to fertilize later than July 1 so that the new growth has time to harden up before the first frost comes.

With our fertilizer we recommend about a handful spread evenly around the base of the tree after planting and watered in. For established trees 1 or 2 handfuls spread evenly around the drip line of the outer branches is sufficent to give the tree all the benefits of fertilizing that it needs.

The other benefits of fertilizing include helping trees recover from stress and storms which leave leafs, needles and branches stripped bare. These are photos of my trees in my yard that I thought where lost causes because of winter kill and storm damage, but after applying a few handfuls of fertilizer to them and watering it in, along with the help of the Spring rains, the results speak for themselves. The new growth is both coming from the trunk to form new branches and coming from what I thought were dead branches. I'll probably trim back anything that doesn't have any growth on it so that the new growth has plenty of room to grow and have full sunlight.

Prairietime Trees Premium mix with a N-P-K of 17-16-17 comes in a 4 liter pail which weights in at about 6 lbs or 2.72 kgs and is only $20.00 per pail. There is enough for 30-40 trees if given 1 handful.

It can be pick-up at our tree center just North of Estevan on hwy 47 and township road 32. We are on Google Maps for directions.

Please call or text ahead of time to ensure availability and that we are open.