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The Blue Spruce with its bluish-green to almost silver needles is rated as one of the most desireable evergreens. It's appeal and hardiness makes it a favorite for all types of plantings from city yards to farm shelterbelts. It's year round needles provide excellent wind protection and suitable nesting areas for a wide variety of birds.

Most trees can easily reach 50 feet tall by 25 feet wide at the base and can have extremely long lifespans with minimal care.



1 gal colorado

1 gallon Blue Spruce come in a 7" tall by 6" wide plastic pot.

Make your hole slightly bigger on all sides for the roots to grow into the loosened soil. Water frequently to help get them established


2 gallon come in a 9" tall by 9" wide plastic pot.


2 gal colorado
5 gal colorado

5 gallon Blue Spruce come in a 11" tall by 11" wide plastic pot.


10 gallon come in a 12" tall by 15" wide plastic pot, and can weight about 75 lbs.

10 gal colorado
15 gal colorado

15 gallon Blue Spruce come in a 15" tall by 15" wide plastic pot, and can weight about 100lbs.


The 5-6ft Basket and Burlap Colorado Spruce comes wrapped in burlap surrounded with a 36 or 40" steel basket. They are all planted together in a 40" round by about 36" deep hole. Weight is approx. 200-250lbs.

Note: These are field grown trees and may not be perfectly symetrical, but they are hardy and will require little care.

5-6ft colorado